Referral Liaison

Rare Intro Referral Liaison

This opportunity is for the 3% – the independent, high-performance professionals wanting five and six figure commissions per deal using their ability to open doors to mid-size company owners and executives.

It’s also the perfect solution for you top performing sales agents and brokers who want a way to never be “shopped” and left in the cold when a prospect steals your great insights, solutions and price points and has his current provider duplicate them. With Rare Intro you win big every time the client wins big.

This Referral Liaison position will work best for you if:

You have trust-based relationships with Business Owners and CEOs.


2) You have successfully communicated high value B2B services to mid-market companies (100-5,000 employees) such as:

  • Accounting or tax credit services: (Deloitte, E&Y, KPMG, BDO)
  • P&C or Health Insurance: (Lockton, Willis, Gallagher)
  • Logistics: (FedEx, UPS, EI, LTL, 3PL)
  • Real Estate: (CBRE, Cushman Wakefield
  • Telecom (AT&T, Verizon, Level 3, Century Link)
  • Banking/Card Processing: (Wells, BofA, First Data, Heartland)
  • Copier services: (Xerox, Ricoh, Cannon)
  • AP Audits: (Broniec, PRG Schultz)
  • Payroll Services: (ADP, Ceridian, Paychex)

What Does a Rare Intro Referral Liaison do and how much can I make?

The Referral Liaison’s only job is to invite a CEO of a company that meets our Targeted Criteria to register for our Free No Obligation brief Video Conference.

What is the Preferred Targeted Criteria:

  1. A Manufacturer or Services Industry
  2. Minimum 100 employees both white and blue collar
  3. Company provides Health Insurance
  4. Company Provides 401k
  5. Company ships product either directly or indirectly
  6. Company owns or leases commercial real estate
  7. Company uses a lot of utilities
  8. Company engages in Research and Development

If the CEO registers, attends the Video Conference and Signs our Engagement Letter, you have earned your commission. During registration for the Video Conference; the CEO picks the referring Liaison (You) from a drop down list – assuring your commission is protected.

The average commission is $12,500.00 – some smaller and some substantially bigger.

Watch the Product Training Video to Learn More.

How do I become a Rare Intro Referral Liaison?

  1. Register for the Referral Liaison Position.
  2. If you are approved for the Referral Liaison Position: Fill out, sign, date, and return the Referral Liaison Independent Contractor Agreement.
  3. Start referring potential customers.
Turn Your Connections Into Income Today!