Month: September 2017
  • Working Geek: 9 technology execs share their favorite apps and software tools

    Slack, Evernote, Microsoft Office, Google Suite. Those are a few of the most popular apps that the busy executives featured in our Working Geek series use to stay organized. With the rate at which new apps and software tools are deployed, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why each week we ask our […]

  • GeekWire 200 September update: IPO revival points to future shakeups at the top

    Initial public offerings worldwide this year have already exceeded the total for all of 2016, but the Pacific Northwest’s robust tech scene hasn’t played much of a role. Former GeekWire 200 top dog Redfin is the only company in Washington to go public this year, as it began trading in late July and has seen its stock […]

  • Brain-controlled drones are here: What’s coming in the next five years?

    Single unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs) directed by joysticks, radio controllers, and mobile phones are already accomplishing a variety of useful tasks, such as aerial photography and security patrols. But using multiple drones requires multiple human operators, and this presents a coordination problem.

  • Testing the new Brooks Levitate: Can this high-tech shoe actually make me happy to run?

    The new Brooks Levitate with DNA AMP from the Seattle-based footwear and apparel company. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser) Some sneaker companies want me to “Just Do It.” But what if I don’t want to do it? I’m not into it today, it wasn’t fun yesterday, and generally it is not all that rewarding. In […]

  • Week in Geek Podcast: Satya Nadella’s new book, Twitter goes to 280, and our trip to Microsoft’s mysterious new office

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s new book, “Hit Refresh,” was released Tuesday. (GeekWire / HarperCollins Photos) For anyone curious about the inner workings of Microsoft, Satya Nadella’s new book, “Hit Refresh,” is an interesting read. The Microsoft CEO is surprisingly candid and forthcoming in the book, according to GeekWire editor Todd Bishop, who reviewed it in […]

  • Amazon’s first NFL stream beats Twitter for average audience size, but total viewership down

    Thursday Night Football is the main attraction on Amazon. (Screenshot Via Amazon) The viewership numbers are in for Amazon’s first-ever NFL live stream. The NFL reported Friday that Amazon reached 1.6 million viewers around the world who launched a stream of Thursday’s Bears vs. Packers game available to Amazon Prime members. That’s below the 2.1 […]

  • Comment on is stepping out of Walmart’s shadow by Min-Jee Hwang

    Jet’s presence over the past year has had a great impact on modernizing Walmart’s online offerings. Now it’s time for Jet to solidify their identity in a way that pulls from Walmart’s deep pockets to experiment and still stays true their target market. My initial thought is that adding ModCloth and Bonobos products to Jet […]

  • Comment on is stepping out of Walmart’s shadow by Jeff Miller

    100% needs to stand alone from Walmart but benefit from Walmart’s scale, operations, deep pockets and ability to lower prices. No doubt that private label has the best chance to make a difference of these 3 options. Bonobos and ModCloth are cool but nothing that stands out from others in apparel space and there […]

  • Comment on Personalization works. Why don’t more marketers use it? by Craig Sundstrom

    Although the claims may well be true — they certainly make sense — I’m a little reluctant to accept the specific percentages. I would have to think personalized e-mails are more likely to come from sites/organizations that already have an existing relationship, so there’s likely a selection bias. But as to the main point being […]

  • Comment on How can grocers improve their digital experiences? by Ken Morris

    Most consumers are not accustomed to researching grocery products online like they do for other products that are bigger investments, more complex or driven by a passion for style. It is interesting to see the significant increase in the digital influence on grocery purchase reported by the Deloitte survey. Apparently, more consumers are taking a […]