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Decision Makers

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You’ve seen and heard the pitches from all the Usual Suspects. We  know because we have too…

Amazing results in your business will only come from Innovative and Transformational products and services.

In 1895 the Power Loom changed the Textile Industry for ever….

Service Providers

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If your products or services are unique, transformative, tested and yes; Rare. We want to speak with you. 

Our vast realtionships with C-Level Decision Makers accross myriad industries may be the key to your business achieving that next level.

It’s not always what you know but who you know…



Minimum Savings

Per Employee

Per Year

3 – 10%

Increase To Annual

Bottom Line


We’ll find you MONEY

in any or all of these

Cost Centers


We are paid only if, and after you realize the Refunds, Savings and Credits we produce for you.

If there are no savings there is no Fee.


Our unique process quickly identifies your Savings and the ideal solution paths without wasting time.

We work discreetly, confidentially, and unobtrusively.


Use the money we find you to increase your valuation, fuel your company’s growth and stay ahead of the competition!

Take the 60 Second Tax and Cost Savings Evaluation

Lower your costs and improve your profits without laying off staff, changing vendors, or cutting corners.

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Is there a Fee to do a review of our companies costs?

There are no upfront fees to review and recommend savings. Our fees are based on the savings we generate for you from our proprietary strategies and analyses. If there are no savings, then there are no fees.

Can you guarantee we will save money?

98% of the time we can create an annual savings that is equal to headcount multiplied by $1,000. We can guarantee that the money we DO save you will be very worth your time.

Can we do what you do ourselves?

Although your company may have extremely capable people there are specific tools and specialized “10,000 hour” skills employed by us that are not widely known nor easily accessed including: specialized tax credits, extensive databases of best-in-class pricing, tariff analysis, audit software, knowledge of unpublished discounts, and the deep understanding of all the negotiating protocols necessary to obtain best pricing. Our work is so specialized and unique that we have never seen our practices duplicated by any company’s in-house staff. This is the reason we can add significant value without risk.

What are the Unpublished Rates?

Unpublished rates are the rates that vendors apply only in certain situations. These lower rates can add up to significant savings. Our team knows where the highest discounts can be gained and how to obtain them for you.

Will we need to change vendors?

Most companies prefer to stay with their valued suppliers and not needlessly disrupt those relationships. Our process ensures you get savings while maintaining those quality relationships but we also make you aware of attractive pricing and/or terms from your vendors’ competitors so that you are fully informed regarding all of your best options.

How much can we save?

Expect to save a minimum of $1,000/employee/year and increase your profit by as much as 10%.

How much Executive and Staff time will be required?

Reviewing the magnitude and solution path of multiple savings usually takes two full hours of executive time within the first month. Total executive time is limited to ten hours total. Staff time invested is also a manageable ten hours — mostly helping us get access to invoice data.

What size businesses do you work with?

Our best work is done for mid-size companies led by forward-thinking, growth-minded executives who welcome a collaboration with committed experts like us. Companies of any size who are willing to discover what “they didn’t know that they didn’t know” will benefit from our service.

What type of information do you need? Does it require us to share any sensitive information?

No sensitive or confidential information is required and we do not review your processes or books or audit your direct cost of goods sold. The focus will be SG&A vendor invoices and agreements.

We have other specialists that work with us in some but not all of the tax and cost savings you cover. Will engaging with you mean we will have to stop working with them?

We are flexible and adaptable to your needs. We are available to help you only in the areas you would like us to.

Are there any geographical limitations with you?

We provide our full range of services in all 50 states and select cost saving services for Canadian companies.

Feature End

We are always establishing New and Mutually Beneficial Relationships.

Featured Product II - 100% LTC

RARE INTRO is representing an International Investment Group that seeks to expand their Commercial Real Estate Loan portfolio geographically.


Projects must be where US and EC company investment is permitted.
Starting at 5%
Office and Mixed Use in Major CBDs
25 to 300 Million USD
Up to 10 Years



We prefer Projects that have established Exit Strategies. Such as Pre-Sale and Management Contracts with established brands.


We would like to see an IRR of at least 5% (worse case), and the Project should be stable within 5-7 years.


We prefer all Pre-Construction Deliverables be completed. We will consider incomplete packages on a case by case basis.


We prefer Projects that are ready to “Go Verticle“.

This Fund is focusing on core, core plus and grade A income generating assets with long term steady income stream.

We focus on developed and transparent markets, namely the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Continental Europe.

Applying for Project Funding is all done online through our Partner Site. You will receive confirmation upon completion. After an initial analysis you will be informed of your request status.

Feature End

The Products and Services we represent are Unique,Transformative and Rare

Creative solutions for your business.